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Financial support

  • Financial background of every intervention is very complicated. Thousands of euros have to be collected until the given date. If you are willing to help us, financial support is needed the most. Bank account statement and also our donators may be checked at website

    See the trasparent bank account

    You can donate also via our auctions that can be found on our facebook page

    Official facebook page of CSKP

    Material support

  • For the spay/neuter interventions you can allocate also some material help. Mostly this type of equipment is needed: Absorbent pads
    Kitchen paper towels
    Bed sheets and towels
    Clean bowls
    Deworming preparations (Caniverm tbl, Drontal tbl, Banmith pasta, Profender)
    Anti-ectoparasitic preparations (e.g. Diffusil for cats)
    Kitten and puppy milk (commercially prepared powders)
    Kitten and puppy food (dry food and canned food)
    Transporting carriages

  • Material donations serve as a key equipment in the post-surgical care after adult animals, or for kittens and puppies that need to be taken away. We are very grateful for this kind of help. Your donations are collected by project team member Miška who stores them in the private room, so that they would not get contaminated – we are afraid mostly of parvovirus infections that occur almost in every dog shelter. Of course we will take a picture of your donations to publish them on our page together with the acknowledgement.

    Homes and temporal home care

  • During every collective spay/neuter intervention puppies, kittens and animals in poor health state are taken away from the settlements. This is the worst part of the work. Many animals need some kind of a temporal care but there are only a few volunteers offering temporal home care. You can save many lives by offering us this kind of help. If you would like to help us with temporal care, please write us via email or on our facebook page.

  • DO NOT FORGET to give us necessary information, such as: name, city, telephone number,
    kind of animal that you offer your help for (dog/cat, puppy/kitten, adult animal + other facts (sex, age, size...),
    time period in which you are able to accept animal for a temporal care.

  • You can offer this type of help as an individual volunteer or as an organisation (animal shelter, etc.)