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About the project

  • Czecho-slovak spay-and-neuter project was initiated due to the indisputably poor state concerning the issue of stray animals in our country. Slovakia has struggled with the problem of uncontrolled reproduction not only of stray animals but also of dogs and cats owned by irresponsible owners that do not care about the prevention of unwanted gravidities. In some parts of Slovakia situation has elevated to enormous extent – newly born puppies and kittens have been killed inhumanly, or left to suffer in poor conditions. Those which happen to reach their maturity subsequently reproduce, and cause rising of numbers of animals. Quarantine stations and animal shelters are unable to deal with continuous inflow in such animals nor by their capacities, neither by financial budget.

    Solving of given problem involves long term measures. Numerous municipalities cooperate with catching services. However this radical form cannot solve the problem with overpopulated animals in the future. It can serve only as a short-time way to decrease numbers of dogs and cats. Effective approach consists of education of people not to reproduce their pets and to spay and neuter them, and field castrations in chosen areas – Romani settlements.

    How spay-and-neuter intervention looks like

  • Based on the request from the municipality group of volunteers visits given settlement where animals are caught and then spayed or neutered by our team of veterinary surgeons. Animals are treated and taken care of during night; they are let out the next day.

    Unwanted puppies and kittens, and animals in poor health state are taken away; temporary home care and later new homes are found for them.

  • Collective field spay/neuter interventions in Romani settlements show few positives 1. Restraint of unwanted reproduction of animals, and subsequently reduction of their numbers in the future. In bitches and cats indisputable health benefits.
    2. Decrease of health hazards – such as mastitis, metritis, mammary gland and uterine carcinomas, and by this measures improvement of life quality.
    3. Males after neutering are calmer, with deacreased aggressive behaviour, which brings positives also to the life of citizens that suffer by this thread and are afraid of stray animals.

  • It is not possible nowadays to get rid of stray animals in the streets of our country for ever. However we should try to a) keep their population free of health hazards, which will avoid transfer of some infections to human population, b) keep their population less aggressive to prevent attacks on citizens, c) control their reproduction .

    What was already done

  • Krížová Ves50 dogs and bitches spayed/neutered
    30 puppies and adult dogs taken away
    Cost: 2 500 €

  • Rožňavapuppies and adult dogs taken away
    26 puppies and aldult dogs taken away
    Cost: 2 900 €

  • Krásnohorské podhradie75 dogs and bitches, 28 cats and tomcats spayed/neutered
    50 puppies and adult dogs, 25 kittens and adults cats taken away
    3 animals in poor health state euthanised
    Cost: 5 000 €

  • Žiar nad Hronom41 dogs, bitches, cats and tomcats spayed/neutered
    34 animals taken away
    12 animals in local animal shelter spayed/neutered
    Cost: 2 500 €

  • TrebišovCastration: 137 bitches / 3 dogs / 4 cats
    109 taken away

  • SmižanyCastration: 58 bitches / 10 dogs / 6 cats / 1 tomcat
    57 taken away

  • SečovceCastration (121): 90 bitches / 16 dogs / 13 cats / 1 tomcat
    Taken away (151): 22 dogs / 26 cats / 103 puppies

  • Liptovský Mikuláš / VažecCastration (100): ???
    Taken away (39): 8 dogs / 23 puppies / 8 cats

    Why Czecho-slovak project?

  • Animal Rights Organisation due to the situation in Slovakia, and to these days unsolved problem of maltreated, unwanted, and euthanised animals initiated formation of Czecho-slovak spay-and-neuter project. Why the Czecho-slovak one? The idea was supported by the fact that the situation in the neighbouring Czech Republic has not been much better than the situation in Slovakia, and not less important point of collective exports of stray dogs from Slovakia to the Czech Republic where many complaints (we should say the rightful ones) have risen about the adoptions of our dogs/cats in their country. These adoptions do not solve their own problem, and Czech shelters are now crowding as rapidly as our do. We have decided to find the allies in Slovakia, and also in the Czech republic and to solve the situation in both countries where the words „your dogs – our dogs“ are going to exist no more...